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Dvg Soft is the Best mobile app & Web Development Company in India. We serve services to different niches such as e-commerce, enterprises, non-profitable even startup companies. We will customize the best web development solutions for you.

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The Power of Drupal and WordPress

DVGSoft is one of the reliable companies in India that offers a team of professionals indulging in the services of web application design. We are a team of experts experienced enough in developing websites along with web-based applications. We have created even many startup websites that have proven to be flourishing in the long run and have managed to gather the desired amount of traffic with the help of SEO. 

WordPress and Drupal

Our experts at DVGSoft make use of the most popular option WordPress so that you can get a website that is easy to use and at the same time that can show some amazing results. When it comes to web design, our professionals highly prefer to make use of WordPress and also Drupal. With the help of these technologies, we have created a good number of websites in different niches such as Government websites, news websites, informational websites, and so on.

We have created many startup websites that have proven to be flourishing in the long run and have managed to gather the desired amount of traffic with the help of SEO.
Along with the option of UI and UX design, we also cater to a number of other services to the individuals such as offering customized themes and CMS, Google analytics, and even helping with SEO strategies to help your website rank well in the search engines.

By now, we have created a good number of websites in different industries quite successfully and have become a reliable and feasible website designing company for your help. 

WordPress and Drupal services

JavaScript for web development company

JavaScript is one of the programming languages that has become an essential part of web development services. There are several benefits due to which we make use of JavaScript while developing your website. So, what is the main purpose of using JavaScript? Our experts make use of this technology in incorporating dynamic elements and interactive options into the website. This is highly useful when there is a need of including any specific code on the server of the website.

Apart from this, there are several other benefits that JavaScript offers to the website of the clients. The technology is extremely helpful in easy programming, versatility, saving time, and extending the functionality of the website pages.


HTML and PHP Development

We are also experts in developing website applications based on PHP and also backend servers. We understand the need for website applications today that are high in demand and hence we make use of PHP technology for offering the best PHP web apps to clients. There is a list of frameworks on which our experts work such as CakePHP, Yii Frameworks, and even Zend Framework to develop scalable websites in much lesser time.

Our experts make use of the combination of PHP and HTML in the right way to provide not just scalable websites but also develop websites that are highly responsive in nature. Also, this combination helps in a number of other ways in the process of custom website development such as architecture design of the website, development of MySQL database, deployment and stabilization of web applications, and offering the right maintenance.

HTML and PHP Development


If you are aware of the methods of website designing and .Net technology, you must also be aware of the benefits that the technology of .Net offers while developing a website. Some of the eminent benefits that this technology is known to offer are extreme security, easier integration of web services, enhanced user experience, an object-oriented atmosphere, and many others.

Due to such benefits, we also make use of the .Net technology while offering custom website development to our clients. Apart from offering custom websites, we also have expertise in offering SQL databases for different websites such as Government websites, and websites in different industries. In the process, we use several different frameworks to offer great results such as Silverlight, Windows Azure, MySQL, Entity Framework, and many more.